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By ARTS IN FIFE, Sep 6 2016 04:26PM

Ross McDiarmid has contributed to Arts In Fife in the past and we would like to share a snippet from his new prose, New Dawn False Don.

The door under the stairs opens inwards and the light from the hallway sheers through the exposed darkness like the two were immiscible. Don hesitates at the boundary like he was checking his footing at a cliff edge; his face concealed by the ambient gloom as he keeks furtively into the hallway. Once he has established the unlikelihood of happening upon any of Dawn’s family, he slides himself through the gap awkwardly, resisting the urge to look back and apprehend the hidden for the fear of seeing something of himself back in there, as he closes the door.

Standing in the stark light, the briny smear of sweat across his forehead glistening, Don struggles to maintain the disinterestedness of his face, as though its outward lassitude was fraudulent and moulded upon a more gratified countenance; this under-surface only detectible by a slight strain at the edges of his lips and eyes, like he was oozing out of himself. He quickly adjusts the front of his jeans and then like some crepuscular creature he softly ascends the stairs, making sure to place his weight on their edges so they don’t creak at his presence...

By ARTS IN FIFE, Mar 19 2016 11:00AM

The 2016 Arts in Fife​ Award goes to... Sean Dooley.

Sean is a photographer from Cellardyke. His work captures specimens of entire species that are losing, or have lost, the fight for survival. These images are important as sources of knowledge and serve as reminders to appreciate other living creatures.

Sean is an incredibly talented artist, you can check out his work HERE.

By ARTS IN FIFE, Sep 19 2015 12:55PM

The 2015 Arts in Fife​ Award goes to... Natalie J Wood.

Natalie is a ceramicist from Kirkcaldy. Her work is in the British Ceramics Biennial​. She also volunteered with Arts In Britain​, helping to create a book of designer interviews.

Natalie is an incredibly talented designer and you can check out her work HERE.

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